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Video Advertising on TVC

Making Commercial Video Ads for companies with a short duration, our team is able to create with ideas and creativity so that the information conveyed in the video is conveyed effectively

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Video Company Profile

Video company profile creation, shooting process, including explainer videos, documentaries, animation, products, organizational structure, promotions, vision and mission with scenarios from experienced and reliable team and directors.

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Video Animation 2/3 D

Creating 2D, 3D animated videos that will be adapted to the concept for all needs, from explainer videos, promotions, products, companies, branding, catalogs, films, short stories, motion graphics along with voice over with creative concepts

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Digital Marketing

Promote your business and business on various social media which will increase credibility and are always updated in terms of content, photos, videos and writing with scripts and plans that will be created by our team

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Jingle / Mars

A sound, music or song that characterizes a brand, brand, company, with a recording process that adjusts the chord, tempo and notes with maximum accuracy

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Web & SEO

Making a website as a digital asset with matching concepts with the required features with themes, writing, access speed, security and appearance from various devices and also creating applications or systems to adjust website structure, content, and keywords

About Me

Hi There

Hembang Nugraha was born in Jakarta, April 9 1987, he is a Creative Multimedia actor, he is the CEO and Founder of PT. Bie Multi Kreasi or better known as bieproduction.com with a business core in the field of Multimedia and Information Technology.

Hembang Nugraha also wrote a book packaged in the form of an E-book entitled ABCD (Come on the Digital Way), which is aimed at all MSME business actors, Business Owners, and all related stakeholders, who want to change their conventional promotion concept to the digitalization era. In early 2021, Hembang Nugraha and the Team developed an application called bie2bek, which is a digital market platform with the concept of cross-income income between makers.

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I have had the darkest time in doing business since this pandemic. But this did not discourage me from continuing to fight.

In this book, I will thoroughly examine the best strategies and ways to make a business survive in a digital way. Please learn and know more about the books that I have made for free. Download now.

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My Skill

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A video / advertisement can attract attention because the concept of the story has a strong meaning, can attract the attention of the audience and is able to suggest the thoughts of the audience, so that the message of the video / ad can be conveyed with various packaged purposes. Hembang Nugraha is very creative for writing a story concept, so that it attracts the attention of clients to work together

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With Hembang Nugrahas talent in making stories, it makes it easier for him to become a director / director because he knows very well the needs during the shooting process, starting from telent selection, location hunting and equipment used to align the concept of the story he has made into a scane, he always attended several trainings, seminars and consultations with several other film actors as a form of reference to produce the best masterpieces

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Jingle Advertisements with songs, to make an ad easy to remember, an Easy Listening song must be made with a cheerful and enthusiastic tone, so that the products sold can be accepted by consumers throughout Indonesia. Some of the jingles made by Hembang Nugraha, including being able to lift the branding of products / services from advertisers, and succeed in making consumers loyalists, in addition to making hembang jingles, Nugraha has also made several songs packaged in a mini album.

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85% of the projects done by Bieproduction.com, for the narrative of an advertisement and video, among them are the handiwork of hembang Nugraha, his instinct to write continued until he published an E-Book entitled ABCD (Ayo Bisnis Cara Digital), until this article was published Hembang Nugraha is writing his second book which is still related to multi-media and digitalization, he really hopes for the progress of business people who want to convert their business in the era of the Industrial revolution 4.0


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